Monday, May 30, 2011

"ALZip 8.12 Full"

ALZip is a great alternative to WinZIP when it comes to compressing files or creating archives. ALZip is celebrating their new beta release (8.0 beta 1) and are offering free license of the final version of ALZip 8 (When it is released). So apply for the license now and you will find it delivered to your email when the final version is released.

New Features :
  • New compression format EGG
  • Support for Unicode
  • Language encoding to archive
  • Peek in what files are inside by right-clicking an archive
  • Compress each of the selected folder function in context menu
  • Compress using administrator’s privilege
  • Task Result window after compressing or extracting
  • (Only EGG format) Priority on Compress Ratio method using LZMA algorithm
  • (Only EGG format) LZMA algorithm in Optimized Compression
  • Unicode (MAC) and Unicode (Linux) in Language Encoding option when compressing into ZIP format
  • Windows 7 Taskbar Progress
  • Auto Select, Unicode and Unicode(MAC) added in Language Encoding option
  • View List and Error Test added in command line function



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